A Mother Takes A Stand Against Bullying

Many parents do struggle with finding a proper way to take a stand against bullying because mostly their first reaction is not always right. You see as a parent your first thought is to protect your child by any means necessary and that's without taking time to ponder on it. It's just the motherly or fatherly nature on the inside of us. Now, when we don't think about the consequences of our actions it may put us in a place our children may not want to see us.

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Getting In Touch W/ Self

Everyday we need to get in touch with ourselves. So, I created a simply fill in the blanks to help you get started. This is designed for you to just keep tally of how you feel periodically in life. I’m sure it would help you improve your state of mind and well being in the future. The goal is to have more sunny days then cloudy.


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Four Types of Bullying

As we live our day to day lives, someone out there really needs our help with bullying. It occurs very frequently at school, sometimes at work and even at home. Many teachers explain they just don't have the time to stop it when there's so many demands placed on them. While parents and family just not aware of the warning signs. Today it may be a stranger, but tomorrow it may be your family.

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Mindset Gone Bankrupted

Working in Corporate America for a little over 15 years will teach you a thing or two and on every job it's a new experience. Although there are times when you dread working with Corporate America, but you cannot forget the great benefits. Most companies would offer retirement plans, paid time off, health reimbursement, medical and dental insurance. For some that's not enough as they want every dollar earned anything contrary it's said "You gave the white man your money!"

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Timing Is Everything

How many times have you gone to a place, event or etc and there was a delay?  Did you handle that well?

We have to get in our mind that our time may not always be someone else time. They say time is money and that's true. Many people dedicate their time to helping you and they could be doing something else. This is the same in conducting business with anyone. 

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