Breaking Through Generational Curses

Until several years ago I never head of a generational curse. It was something my bishop preached about in a sermon.Well, I wanted to know more about it, and  if some existed in my family. Long and behold generational curses exist in all families. It really takes someone properly connected to research and break it.


A generational curse is something passed along for many generations that has cause a certain adversity or situation. I believe it started from one person and will continue to circulate until someone break it.


For me just becoming aware of the one my family face is horrific. As I was really trying to figure out the why! Now, unfortunately I cannot speak for what my grandmother or mother did! We all have our reasoning in our own actions and it's justifiable to us. However it may not make sense to others.


For instance God made marriage to be honorable and sacred; no one should be able to cause one to step outside of that. Yet today not many take their vows seriously. I can't even imagine when was the last time we had true examples of what marriage should be. That's really sad to say; many stay married , but yet step out.


So here's my point: just maybe this didn't originate with you and probably was a curse passed down the line. Now when this occurs in your life, learn the lesson, but don't make it again. You can shut it down and declare purity over your life. That's just an example it may not be adultery; it may be abuse, addiction or sexuality.


Whatever happens in the past will continue if you don't open up to see it and act on it to break the cycle. If you engage in such activities it will then be passed over to your children and children's children. Let's open our eyes to seeing the truth. That's why it's so important to reflect on everything. It's going to take a strong, powerful an anointed individual to set your family free from the past. Are you that person?