Four Types of Bullying

As we live our day to day lives, someone out there really needs our help with bullying. It occurs very frequently at school, sometimes at work and even at home. Many teachers explain they just don't have the time to stop it when there's so many demands placed on them. While parents and family just not aware of the warning signs. Today it may be a stranger, but tomorrow it may be your family.

Now there's 4 types of bullying: Cyber, Physical, Social/Relationship and Verbal. Each level is different from the another. When we speak of cyber bullying, it's when someone repeatedly post harmful things or pictures about an individual on the internet using computers or cell phone. In return, that person feels they can not defend themselves. Today, many people use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, we have physical bullying which is done on purpose and repeatedly, but using one's physical hands, feet and mouth. Some examples are: kicking, punching, slapping and spitting.

Thirdly, there's social and relationship bullying. This type I really didn't know exist until I've received training and research for myself. Social & relationship bullying is when someone belongs to a particular affiliation or association and they uses that group to inflict harm or intimidation. Lastly, we have the fourth and final form of bullying which is verbal. Verbal bullying happens when an individual repeatedly calls someone out their name. Here's some examples: You're Ugly, Dumb, Use of profanity and the list goes on.   

In closing, we all need to understand what may seem innocent to us, maybe harmful to others; instead we should learn the facts. Visit to learn more ways on how I can assist you and your loved ones.