Mindset Gone Bankrupted

Working in Corporate America for a little over 15 years will teach you a thing or two and on every job it's a new experience. Although there are times when you dread working with Corporate America, but you cannot forget the great benefits. Most companies would offer retirement plans, paid time off, health reimbursement, medical and dental insurance. For some that's not enough as they want every dollar earned anything contrary it's said "You gave the white man your money!"

Therefore some individuals seek a job where the employer can pay them under the table. I find it more common with men than women. Which means theirs no deductions and you pocket everything. Of course it sounded like a great investment RIGHT and everyone else needs to get with that program, but it's NOT! With that mentality you're actually going bankrupt. Now one can stand there and try to rationalize with another about their decision and then find out you won't reach them even with facts.

Everything that typically sound good may not always be good for you. When you're hired for a job and they pay you under the table BEWARE! There are companies out their which neglect to report income and wages. As a result you may be without a job in the end so if that's your desire ride the wave until it last. You see when you make a choice always consider the Pros & Cons.

Here's 3 to consider:

  1. Paying social security taxes will provide a pension for you should you retire and also provide benefits for your spouse or children if you should die.
  2. Medicare taxes were designed to help provide insurance for individuals over the age of 65. Which means you're contributing to helping those in need including your elderly family or parents.
  3. Most major companies match your retirement investment up to a certain percentage so that you can have a retirement saved up to cover any expenses or vacation you would like to do once you reach a certain age or just get tired of working.

Although everyone of us can agree that we want more money as a business owner or employee, but we have great hopes our investment will pay off when it's needed the most. There's no perfect time like the present to shift your mindset from bankrupt to wealth.


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