Timing Is Everything

How many times have you gone to a place, event or etc and there was a delay?  Did you handle that well?

We have to get in our mind that our time may not always be someone else time. They say time is money and that's true. Many people dedicate their time to helping you and they could be doing something else. This is the same in conducting business with anyone. 

It's amazing how many of us appear to be late for everything.  When you do just that people look at you differently and your word isn't of any value to them. Your words have to line up together with your actions. An extreme problem we face in the African American Community. There's alot of people that could benefit from our services, but they won't consider it once you're not punctual. When conducting business you can't operate on "Color People" time aka CP Time. Unfortunately that timing will not pay your bills only discredit you abilities. 

So, from this day forward think about where you envision your business and make changes. We can be successful,  but not on our time. Remember,  to be on time is to be late and to be early is to be on time. How are you going to adjust for the better?

Live, Laugh & Learn, 

Motivational Mary

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