Are You Covered?

In our day to day operation we're so busy that we forget to dress appropriately for the unforeseen. How much coverage do you really have when you forget to put on the Full Armor of God? About 40% of people say a prayer before leaving the house and the remaining forgets. When you forget anything is able to creep into your day and pollute it. However I have a quick prayer for you to use to cover every ascept of your life even in the work place. In each day you have to be suited; it's a battle you're up against each day.


Prayer For Protection

Father we come to you as humbly as we know how. We know that the world we live in is an evil one. We're asking for your protection for everyone that maybe reading this. Protect them from any harm, evil or wrongdoing that may come against them. For God you're the only one that's able to be with us any given time of the day. We have full understanding that with men it is impossible but not with you God; for with you all things are possible. Vengeance is yours; we will not seek justice for our sake because you are the great redeemer. Nooone can hold back what's rightfully ours. We sincerely thank you for protecting us through the day and night. Help us to put on the full armor of God that we may be protected at all times. Lastly we want to apologize to you for not incorporating you in our busy lives daily. You're not a disposal God but a faithful God that will never leave us nor forsake us! Today we will do a better job with our relationship with you and not leave home without our Full Armor of God which protects us from this world. Ephesians 6