A Mother Takes A Stand Against Bullying

Many parents do struggle with finding a proper way to take a stand against bullying because mostly their first reaction is not always right. You see as a parent your first thought is to protect your child by any means necessary and that's without taking time to ponder on it. It's just the motherly or fatherly nature on the inside of us. Now, when we don't think about the consequences of our actions it may put us in a place our children may not want to see us. However, on the other hand properly thinking out your next step can be rewarding just like it was for a mother in Florida.

Kandy Escotto a mother of a 5 year old boy in Florida was being bullied by his teacher. So after several visits to the school and talking with officials she took matters into her own hands. She decided to place a recorder in her child's backpack to listen in on what the teacher was saying to her son. Now some would say this is an invasion of privacy maybe or even say "Escotto could've just visited the class to see what was really going on." I must say "There are somethings you won't find out until you go above and beyond to get more information." Of course she could have visited the class, but anyone can be on their best behavior when someone else is watching. As far as the invasion of privacy it shouldn't apply because the action in which you speak of is not on the teacher's personal time, but under Miami-Dade Public School's time.

As a result of this, mom was able to hear exactly what the teacher Rosalba Suarez was saying. Although her child was transferred to another class and received better grades this behavior is unacceptable. I commend the mother for standing up and speaking out about this unfortunate situation. 

In conclusion, I urge everyone no matter where you are to speak life and love with everyone regardless of how superior you maybe to others. God greatest commandment is for us to LOVE thy neighbor as thyself and without that we are nothing. No one who loves themselves will demonstrate any form of abuse towards self.

You;re welcome to read more on this story by visiting http://www.nbc-2.com/story/38545769/mom-claims-teacher-bullied-5-year-old-son-at-florida-school.