Getting In Touch W/ Self

Everyday we need to get in touch with ourselves. So, I created a simply fill in the blanks to help you get started. This is designed for you to just keep tally of how you feel periodically in life. I’m sure it would help you improve your state of mind and well being in the future. The goal is to have more sunny days then cloudy.

(Fill In the Blanks)

I wish I could ____________________________________ and that will __________________________ everything. I’ve once ____________________________________ from someone’s____________________.  It hurts when ______________________________________.  I’m afraid to ______________________________ because of ______________________________. I’ve always dreamed of ____________________________________, but that only amounted to ___________________________. I can’t see ___________________________ as a ____________________ for me. My greatest _____________________________ would be ________________.  Often I would ________________________________ myself when there’s a chance. I live to _____________________________________. One thing people should _____________ about me consist of ____________________. I’m not ______________________, but I’m _______________.  I appreciate ________________________. I _______________ love.

The last time someone said _______________________, it made me ____________________. My life seems ______________________. I’m described as ____________________________ and that may be ___________________________________.


Created by: Motivational Mary ©

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