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About Samaria

Samaria is the daughter of Mary Rodwell, she's loves to read, draw, dance and model. In the past she has been taken gymnastic and dance at All Star Academy and Pine Camp. In her spare time she enjoys reading to her family and encouraging others. Coming soon in 2018 she will add a unique and creative twist to the Motivational Mary's organization and literacy. Samaria will be presenting "Storytime with Boobie", a new way to get kids excited about reading, being unique and having fun. 



About George

George is the son of Mary Rodwell and the late George Sr. He's Chesterfield County outstanding youth for the 2016-2017 freshman/sophomore class of LC Bird Highschool. In the past George has been an active participant in the Richmond Police Academy Summer Camp for 3 years, the anti-bullying & leadership movement for Elkhardt Thompson Middle School for two years and now spend his time as a mentee on part of the CBC "Concern Black Men Organization. 

At the age of two George lost his father due to violence. He was also a victim of bullying for several years in his community and Middle School. Today, he uses his time to speak to children and teens about his story,  bullying, motivation, sharing laughter and being the Master of Ceremonies for events. Dat Boy G has a gifted eye when it comes to providing technology assistance, videography, caption and Instagram assistance.

 George AKA "Dat Boy G" will host his first event "LIGHT UP THE CITY YOUTH BALL" in Richmond VA on December 16, 2017. Proceeds will be raised from the Give A Kid A Holiday Cheer Outreach