November 2017




October 2017 

On this day in November, 2017. I met a real friend and her son. Both of us are authors and we were at an Author's Festival for Book Signing and Sales at the main library in Charleston, SC. Just by mere placement of the set-up of tables, I landed beside Author Mary Rodwell. She put the "P" in Personality when it comes to dealing with the public and telling the story of positive survival through struggles and determination. Her Personality radiated all over the place when she told of how you need to work through life's dramas while dodging stones that are being thrown at you. I found a friend for life and she is a person of my heart; a WORK-A-HOLIC. Give a shout out to my friend and her son; Rodwell Author Mary!

Mattie Sanders


I had the opportunity of working with Mary at an author’s forum in Richmond, VA and her talent amazed me. Not just as a gifted author but also as a motivational speaker she inspired all who came out to the forum. She gave so much of herself as a speaker, which I am sure, uplifted everyone who came. This was my first time meeting Mary so I am grateful to have been there to experience her powerful and encouraging words spoken to inspire all those who attended.

R L Caldwell Consulting

August 2017

Mary is a powerhouse when it comes to self-publishing. I learned a lot from her during a workshop for local writers in RVA. I'm now in the process of publishing my own book and the info from Mary was pertinent, reliable and very helpful in my decision to go the self-publishing route.

Sorana Blackfoot